SBGA387 Grand Seiko US Exclusive Limited Edition

Hi everyone! We have here live photos of the SBGA387. Let's jump right in.
The SBGA387 is Grand Seiko's US Exclusive Limited Edition, a milestone for Grand Seiko USA as they recently formed a new subsidiary. As you can see here one of the inspirations for this limited edition is the usage of Kirazuri inspired painting which was traditionally used on woodblock paintings also known as Ukiyo-e to depict everyday typical life in Japan. Most notably it is featured in the 44GS case which sits lower on the wrist and shows off the zaratsu polished case edges to the wearer. 
I'll let the photos speak for them-self, but what you are seeing here is the small weave textured dial. Like most Grand Seiko dials, this dial has different range of color depth in natural and artificial lighting. Grand Seiko does not miss details within the dial, ensuring that the hands and markers are zaratsu polished to allow for darker light to reflect off the mirror like surfaces. (Noticeably on darker dials, Grand Seiko tends to use a more matte zaratsu finish to reflect more white light)
I.e. - SBGJ203 features the black Mt. Iwate dial and uses matte finished hands and markers to reflect white light.
In another photo here you can see that the dial shows depths of blue. 
When compared to the official press released images, you can see the light blue dial here, quite accurate to photo realistic images. 
The SBGA387 also comes delivered with two additional straps. A dark navy strap along with a brown crocodile strap with light blue stitching to match the Kirazuri dial. One stainless steel folding buckle is also included.
How does it differ from the Snowflake SBGA211? For starters, the Kirazuri utilizes the 44GS stainless steel case which features a sharp angular body to reflects the zaratsu edges more clearly to the wearer. Another difference is the style of the markers around the dial, most noticeably at 12 o'clock the Kirazuri features a double polished marker while the Snowflake features a single polished marker. 
Side by side, the Kirazuri has its own DNA with its textured dial inspired by Ukiyo-e while the Snowflake has its dial inspired by freshly powdered snow. The difference in cases really provides different wearing experiences with both watches. 
What are your thoughts on the new Kirazuri? What do you think its nicknames should be? 
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I just stumbled across your website and I’ve been looking for the Grand Seiko SBGA387. Would you happen to have one, or know where I could purchase this watch/


dale olson August 27, 2021

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