Complimentary Watch Winder with Seiko Presage Luxe purchase


Starting today until December 31st 2018, Carat & Co. will be delivering a complimentary Seiko Presage branded watch winder with your purchase of the selected Seiko Presage Luxe products below. (While supplies last) The new Seiko Presage Luxe collection is a step above the standard Presage line with upgraded calibers, tempered blue steel hands, sapphire crystals, white enamel dials and more. Seiko has repeatedly been known to deliver quality above their price points (in comparison to offerings from other brands at the same level) and the new Presage Luxe collection is no exception in value. If you're looking for a last minute holiday gift... consider these. 

*All of these watches can be purchased by contacting us via email, calling our store or purchasing in store. Unfortunately we cannot offer check out on our website due to Seiko's guidelines on these special Presage Luxe models*

SPB045 - Seiko Presage Luxe White Enamel with Power Reserve $1,100

The new line of Seiko Presage features the upgraded 6R caliber along with its beautiful unique white enamel dial. Enamel is not a common dial material due to the fact that almost 50% of all enamel dials crack upon the heating process of creating the dial, thus producing them very difficult, however the end result is a beautiful perfect porcelain like surface with black markers painted on. The SPB045 features the practical power reserve indicator similar to having a battery gauge on your cell phone to display how many hours of power left are on the watch before having to full wind, or put it back in the watch winder.


SPB049 - Seiko Presage Luxe White Enamel in Tonneau Case $1,100

Much like its other white enamel dials, this is one of the new current Seiko Presage models which features a tonneau case shape. Tonneau is primarily used as a classy and elegant shape, perfect for dress occasions. The simple 3-hands are tempered blue steel that will permanently keep its color due to the process to produce the hands. Check out how the small crescent sweeping second hand pops out from the beautiful white enamel dial. For under $3,000 with an enamel dial, tempered blue hands, powerful 6R caliber, this is a great example of a bang for the buck.

SPB047 - Seiko Presage Luxe White Enamel 3-Hands $1,000

It actually does not get better than this. For $1,000 flat you can get a beautiful white enamel dial, tempered blue steel hands, painted roman numeral markers, 6R automatic caliber and a watch winder. How many other watches at this price point offer that much value in their entry level offering?


SRQ023 - Seiko Presage Luxe White Enamel Chronograph $2,400

The last installment in the Presage Luxe White Enamel collection is the chronograph complication. Chronographs are typically useful for timing elapsed events by utilizing the top pusher to start/stop the chronograph and the bottom pusher to reset the chronograph to zero. While the chronograph was popularly used as a device to measure distance over time in race cars, today's modern usage has chronographs used for more daily activities such as timing a lunch break, timing mouth wash, cooking steak, parking meters and more. 


SRQ025 - Seiko Presage Luxe Chronograph $1,900

Last but not least, the SRQ025 chronograph. This Presage Luxe features beautiful arabic numeral markers on a chronograph watch for a vintage inspired style while using an even higher caliber, the Automatic Chronograph 8R48.  


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