Grand Seiko Sōkō U.S. Special Edition SBGA429 and SBGA427 Spring Drive

As a continuation of Japan’s twenty-four sekki that signifies nature’s changing seasons, Grand Seiko introduces two new Special Editions timepieces in the Heritage Collection exclusively for the United States. Both timepieces, design and movement is a tribute to Japanese nature and expresses the natural and continuous flow of time.
Grand Seiko U.S. Special Edition Soko SBGA429 SBGA427 Preorder Spring Drive
Both new watches from Grand seiko celebrate sōkō, the end of Autumn, when the first frost begins to emerge in the forest. The power reserve indicator and the seconds hand both feature this vibrant green accent color symbolizing the life of the famous Arashiyama bamboo forest in Kyoto in its peak season at the end of Autumn.

Grand Seiko U.S. Special Edition Soko SBGA427 Spring Drive

The dial invokes this endless plight to the heavens of the majestic stalks of the bamboo. The watch is cased in a 39mm x 12.3mm stainless steel case and with both “light” silver dial of SBGA427 and “shadow” gray dial of SBGA429.

Grand Seiko SBGA427 Dial Macro Silver
Grand Seiko SBGA429 Gray Dial Macro

These timepieces display the deeply satisfying beauty of Grand Seiko’s highest level of Japanese craftsmanship unique to the brand. 

Grand Seiko U.S. Special Edition Soko SBGA429 SBGA427 Spring Drive 9R65

Powering the watch is the Spring Drive 9R65 caliber which is designed, adjusted and assembled by hand from the Shinshu Watch Studio in Japan. If you’ve been following our page and Grand Seiko, then you will know that Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive is recognized as one of the greatest innovations in modern watchmaking.
Grand Seiko SBGA429 Macro Dial Gray

Its a spring-driven movement with state of the art electro-magnetic regulation that functions the same way an automatic watch would. By doing so, it allows Spring Drive to deliver the remarkable precision of -/+ 1 second per day or roughly -/+ 15 seconds per month. The 9R65 Spring Drive movement has a power reserve of 72 hours.

Grand Seiko U.S. Special Edition Soko SBGA429 SBGA427 Spring Drive
As part of the Soko U.S. Special Edition package, both SBGA427 and SBGA429 will come on a stainless steel bracelet and a complimentary brown alligator strap with three fold push button clasp. Both of these pieces are priced at $5,000 which when including the complimentary strap and the powerful Spring Drive movement is a wonderful packaged deal.

We are now taking pre-orders for both pieces coming July 2020, please contact us if you’d like to order yours. See links below:

Grand Seiko SBGA427 Soko U.S. Special Edition

Grand Seiko SBGA429 U.S. Special Edition Soko 2020 Gray 



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