Jewelers Mutual

Protecting All Things Jewelry Since 1913

Carat & Co. and Jewelers Mutual are committed to helping you protect your  jewelry with coverage that goes beyond most homeowner's and renter's insurance policies. We know jewelry insurance is only as good as the company standing behind it. Jewelers Mutual Group is the only insurer in North America that’s been dedicated to jewelry and only jewelry for over 100 years. We protect your special pieces with expert care and attention to detail. 

Why Jewelers Mutual?

Jewelers Mutual is the only insurer in North America solely dedicated to jewelry insurance for over 100 years. We don't insure cars or houses or fancy purebred dogs. We insure jewelry and only jewelry. We are the jewelry insurance experts.

What's Covered

Jewelers Mutual provide all types of jewelry insurance, including engagement rings, watches, earrings, and even loose stones. No matter the type of jewelry you insure, it'll be protected by Jewelers Mutual comprehensive repair or replacement coverage. Plus, your coverage includes worldwide travel.


You left your ring somewhere—on a beach towel or in a public bathroom. It’s out there somewhere and you can’t find it. It’s covered.


We all know that feeling of dread when something we cherish is stolen. But you can rest assured that your stolen piece is covered, too.


You hit your diamond ring on the edge of a table and it cracks, or you're pulling on a sweater and a prong is bent. Accidents happen. We'll cover that.


Sometimes jewelry just disappears—it could be lost, stolen or hanging out in a drainpipe somewhere. You may not be able to explain how, where or when it vanished. Don’t worry, that’s covered.

For more information, please read Jewelers Mutual Insurance Guide.

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We'll send you a free estimate. Just tell us what you need to insure, how much it’s worth and your zip/postal code. Rates depend on where you live. But for most people, jewelry insurance costs 1-2% of the value of their jewelry. Or simply click below and enter the code 3955.