"Authorized Retailer"... whats the big deal?

All luxury watch and jewelry companies spend decades refining their crafted quality pieces and selecting the right partner to represent them. Carat & Co. is proud to be an authorized dealer for every brand we carry. 

Beware of counterfeit, black market or misleading sales descriptions.

Unfortunately, we've had more than one customer bring in a watch or jewelry to our store that was purchased online somewhere only to find out that it was fake, without warranty, missing authentic parts, or second hand when they intended to buy new. When shopping at Carat & Co., you will have confidence that EVERY item we sell is new, authentic, high-quality products. With over 35 years in business, we've worked very hard to build direct relationships to these companies, ensuring that our partnership would better serve you, our customer. 

Watches and jewelry are investments. When you purchase with Carat & Co., you will receive a brand new warranty card just for your timepiece or jewelry item. Even when that warranty period is up, our customers receive high quality attention care and special services to their beloved timepieces and jewelry. 

But this Gray market store is offering lower prices?

Ever find a deal too good to be true? How could you tell if the photo is displaying the real deal or a high quality replica with non-authentic parts? Many of these gray market stores will not have a physical store front and will avoid giving too much information about their products. In more than a handful cases, these products will have no serial numbers or fake serial numbers. Non-existing or fake serial numbers means no warranty, which will be a BIG headache for you later. 

The Truth about Warranties

Luxury goods manufacturers will NOT honor the manufacturer's warranty unless the product was purchased through an Authorized Dealer. In many cases, if you send your timepiece or jewelry into the manufacturer, you will be asked to provide proof of purchase from an authorized dealer and an official warranty card stamped from an authorized dealer. Many gray market dealers will leave the warranty card out, include a blank one, or include one that was stamped by another dealer. All of which will not be considered valid. Why purchase something you saved up for just to pay it all back through services?

The problem with Grey Dealer warranties

Unauthorized Grey Market dealers will at most cases offer you a third-party warranty. Here's some real life examples of why you aren't getting the real deal.

  • Their warranty does not cover anything outside of time maintenance accuracy. No overhauls, no cleanings, no defective parts, no simple negligence, no accidental shocks.
  • The grey market dealer will take your watch to service at ANY technician. Not a factory-certified technician, not someone who has access to the certified parts, not someone who has the experience to handle your timepiece or jewelry.
  • Why drive a Ferrari with a Toyota engine? What happens if your watch comes back with non-genuine parts or even worse movement? If factory-certified manufacturers see any third-party tampering on their pieces, they may charge premium pricing to overhaul and replace ALL parts.
  • Here today, gone tomorrow. If the grey market dealer suddenly disappears or goes out of business, you have not only lost time, but you now have no warranty at all. 

Where do unauthorized "Grey Market" dealers get their products?

Good question, but there's no one answer and they sure won't tell you. They may know someone who is willing to help them with one or two items. This may result in watches coming with non-existing or fake serial numbers which means no warranty is valid. These pieces may be stolen from other people or stores, which then you are now part of a larger situation than just a "good deal". Some may even simply ship you high quality replica items. Don't fall for the too good to be true situations.

Its about the Relationship

When purchasing at Carat & Co., not only are you receiving peace of mind, but you are now entering a relationship with a trust worthy and reputable Authorized Dealer. This relationship will allow you to sit back while we take care of your repairs with our direct partnership to the brand authorized service centers. Need a new strap or extra links for your watch? We'll order those for you right away and have it fit perfectly to your wrist. Want exclusive or special edition released items? We'll make sure we have them available for you.