Baselworld 2018 Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 20th Anniversary Of 9S movement

Day one of Baselworld 2018 and there was much buzz of GMTs and re-editions but one brand that continues to bring new value for us and the customers is Grand Seiko. This year, Grand Seiko, the high end segment for Seiko that is responsible for Spring Drive and Hi-Beat movements, is celebrating their 20th Anniversary of the 9s Mechanical caliber.

The result is the birth of 3 Limited Edition models. The Platinum comes with V.F.A. which stands for “Very Fine Adjustment”, while the 18k yellow gold comes in “Special”.  The Platinum V.F.A. Edition come with an even higher stringent precision testing with a daily rate of -1/+3 seconds. What’s even more impressive is that every component in these models are designed and manufactured by Seiko Corporation. 

The 950 Platinum Edition is bases off the original Grand Seiko case created by Nobuhiro Kosugi, the designer of the first 9s watch in 1998. The dial design incorporates a delicate mosaic geometric pattern to represent GS for the team at Daini SeikoSha which is now known today as Seiko Instruments Inc. This platinum edition is limited to 20 pieces worldwide. Mode number SBGH265 MSRP for $53,000. (See below for actual photos)

Following the story of the V.F..A. is the same Hi-Beat Calibre 9S85 in 18 k Yellow Gold with the world “Special” on the dial which is limited to 150 pieces worldwide and is set to the Grand Seiko 9s mechanical precision standard of -2/+4 sec per day. Model number SBGH266 MSRP $27,000. (See below for actual photos)


Last, but not least is the Calibre 9S85 in stainless steel case with a beautiful blue dial and blue oscillating weight by s special anodic oxidation process. The stainless steel is the only one out of these 3 20th anniversary of the 9s movement to not carry the V.F.A. certitication, however it still carries all the beautiful aspects that we love and enjoy from a Grand Seiko such as artistic dial, high polishing zaratsu technique, higher than COSC certifications for accuracy at -3/+5 sec per day. Model number SBGH267 MSRP $6,300.




Our team is highly excited at these limited editions and where the brand Grand Seiko is going in the future. What are your thoughts? 

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