Service & Repairs

If you'd like to request for any repair or maintenance services, please fill out the form below. All shipping and insurance costs in connection with warranty and non-warranty services are the responsibility of the customer. Until the item is received into our location, the item remains under the responsibility of the customer. 

When should I get a maintenance service?

Water-resistance timepieces are recommended to get checked yearly for a water-resistance check. A complete maintenance service of the watch is typically recommended after 5 years. If you notice any sudden changes in your watch's timekeeping, pushers/crown not operating, water moisture in dial, no energy in battery etc, we recommend you do a service immediately to prevent any further damage that can be costly to you down the road. 

Warranty Products

Items that are still within the brand's specified warranty period. 

When you purchase your new watch, we will ensure that your item is covered at least 2 years under the manufacturer warranty from any manufacturing defects or any irregularity in timekeeping.   

Please note that the brand warranty does not cover the lifetime of the battery, normal wear and tear to case, pushers, crown, straps, bracelet, crystal, any damage to the watch resulting from physical/accidental abuse, lack of care, accidents (dents, broken crystal, etc), alterations or tampering from non-authorized centers and damage resulting from wear under conditions exceeding the watch manufacturer's water resistance limitations. 

Non-Warranty Products 

Items that are no longer within the brand's specified warranty period or have voided the warranty agreement.

Items without an accepted warranty may be subject to service charge. When our customers entrust their service requests to us, it is our duty to provide the best possible service and prices to maintain the value of the timepiece or jewelry. 

After the service

After a service is completed, manufacturers may warranty your item under any work performed for a minimum period of 12 months unless stated otherwise.

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