The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond®.

We proudly offer Hearts on Fire serialized diamonds. Less than a tenth of one percent of the world's diamonds can become Hearts On Fire. Combined with their proprietary diamond-cutting formula, they create a diamond that allows maximum shine and brilliance.

Cutting grade alone determines 50% of the diamond’s value. Hearts on Fire diamonds are cut at 100X power magnification (unlike the industry standard of 10X). This results in high brilliance and shine unlike any other. Hearts on Fire’s high-quality cut makes color and clarity less of a determining factor. They offer two groups of diamonds:

Sensational HOF Diamonds – G, H color. VS1 to SI1 clarity.
Signature HOF Diamonds – I, J color. VS1 to SI1 clarity.


Hearts on Fire hand select the most beautiful diamonds on earth, choosing only rough diamond crystals that are internally clear and knot-free. By using only the most exceptional rough diamond crystals, our cut and polished gemstones have a clean, brilliant, and unmistakable sparkle in their finished form.


Cut is everything when it comes to a diamond’s sparkle, beauty, and overall value. Heart on Fire's cutting process is a blend of art and science, perfected over many decades by our master diamond cutters. Heart on Fire's cut highlights a diamond’s physical properties—like the way it reflects and refracts light—and emphasizes its inherent beauty with precise angles that show it off to its most magnificent effect.  


Heart on Fire cut and polish their diamonds at 100X magnification. That’s 10 times the industry standard, and that kind of precision makes a difference that you can see. It’s one of the reasons why HOF diamonds sparkle so much more than other diamonds.


Every single one of Heart on Fire's diamonds, even the tiniest accent diamonds, has the signature Hearts & Fireburst pattern. This pattern is a result of the HOF cut, and a testament to its consistency. It is Heart on Fire's promise that every diamond in a piece of Hearts On Fire jewelry will sparkle with their signature brilliance.